Bajofondo: the emergence of an astonishing voice

Argentinian supergroup Bajofondo has evolved in a very interesting way. They began manipulating tango with electronic music (Bajofondo Tango Club), then they ventured into songwriting featuring special guests (Mar dulce) and now they have developed a marvelous proficiency when it comes to the creation of instrumental tunes: Presente (2013), in which they have found their voice. That discovery carries a sense of confidence and reassurance that is evident throughout this powerful collection of tracks. The separation of the genres they have approached on this occasion has become blurrier; hence, their identity as a musical ensemble has proven solidified. The greatest attribute of this album is the mastery at crafting strong pieces that are, at the same time, catchy and sophisticate. Tango’s paradoxic features of popularity and complexity cohabit magnificently with more modern sounds. And that, my friends, is nothing but an impressive feat.

This is the video for Pide piso


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