Emmy Rossum: a sentimental tribute to love songs

Emmy Rossum is primarily known as an actress. But her first love has always been music. She sang even before learning how to speak. While she develops a notable career in television and movies, she works on her music, delivering solid material along the way. Sentimental journey, her latest release, pays homage to those magnificent love songs recorded in the 20’s and 30’s. The result is an endearing suite of songs, all of them executed flawlessly by the histrionic, delightfully theatrical voice of Rossum. There are plenty of records of jazz standards, but Rossum’s incarnates a singularity: one that is based in candor and tenderness. Sentimental journey is a record to fall in love with, either be music, or any other thing that might represent the object of your affection.  

This is a live performance of These foolish things


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