Laura Marling: an irresistible tale of intimacy

When it comes to listening to music, I consider myself a little bit conservative: I love listening to records in their entirety. So when I get to discover such a well-crafted record like Laura Marling’s Once I was an eagle (2013), I can’t help but feel grateful. Marling is an emblem of British indie-folk, but she approaches it with so much freshness that it almost feels as if you were hearing a different genre altogether. Once I was an eagle embodies a delightful contradiction: it comes off as spontaneous, like being made quick and easily, but you can also tell Marling was very careful when she wrote it considering its delicate arrangements and the cohesiveness of its overall tone and structure. Laura Marling is pleasantly irresistible. This is one of the most intimate albums I have listened to this year; it’s elegant and tender -it’s sexy.

This is a live performance of Once


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