Steve Martin and Edie Brickell: singing to the greatest arrival of all

I’ve said it before: I’m a huge fan of Steve Martin. The thing is that, while I had enjoyed his brilliant comedy in films and his stupendous sense of narrative in his writing, I hadn’t checked out his music. It turns out, not surprisingly, that his musical facet is equably impressive.
Love has come for you is a delightful record featuring the gentle, warm voice of singer Edie Brickell. This album consists of little marvels of music enriched by Martin’s competent banjo playing and Edie’s alluring vocal melodies. The overall tone is a pastoral one, meaning that it has the ability to take you out to a different place; and the lyrics are generally optimistic and naïve, which is precisely the type of things you want to sing about when love comes knocking at your door.

This is a live performance of When you get to Asheville



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