Mayer Hawthorne: a modern sound that keeps its charming essence

Mayer Hawthorne is an accomplished singer/songwriter that first gained notoriety thanks to his irresistible music –a peculiar form of old-school soul and R&B. His first two albums offered delightful songs in which he played upbeat tunes as well as heart wrenching ballads. For his latest effort, Where does this door go (2013), Hawthorne has decided to update his sound giving it a more modern approach to its arrangements. The result is a highly impressive collection of songs that even when they may have a new costume, they still retain the warmth and sweetness of Hawthorne’s previous material. This is the most charming record I have listened to this year, but I’m afraid this is exactly what happens every time Mayer Hawthorne puts out an album. Give yourself a treat and listen to this music –it could be a soundtrack to your smiles.

This is the video for Her favorite song


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