Caitlin Rose: an earnest chant of love

Often regarded as one of the most conservative genres, country has managed to stay relevant thanks to the efforts of young musicians willing to renovate it. Caitlin Rose is one of those fresh voices. Her music is intimate, alluring and catchy; and her lyrics talk about love, past and insecurities. The sparse instrumentation of her tunes imbues them with simplicity. It’s kind of a back-to-basics approach to making music –and it comes off as a very well done attempt. Caitlin’s sweet and warm voice is without a doubt her greatest asset.
The stand-in (2013) is one of the best albums I listened to at the end of last year, and it remains one of my most treasured recent discoveries. Listen to her music, would you? I just hope you end up as captivated as I am. 

You can listen to Pink champagne


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