Nuuro sounds like a precious stone

It's been a couple of years since Alejandro Ghersi, a.k.a. Nuuro, stopped being the great promise of venezuelan electronic music to become the present, among other young and gifted musicians, of the great music made by venezuelan artists all around the world -he's now based in New York City.

Ghersi, a hard-working musician, has maintained pretty active making new music and posting it at his myspace, making it available, the most of the times, for everyone who wishes to download it. The Reddest Ruby (2009), his latest record, is "a collection of 10 songs and a poem produced in a lapse of time of 22 days from December 20 2008 to January 10th 2009", as it reads in his website.

All the tracks were written, recorded and produced by Nuuro, except for one of them, in which the bass and the guitar are performed by Julio Briceño: Los Amigos Invisibles' singer. The wonderful artwork of this album was made by Nikolay Saveliev.

You can buy The Reddest Ruby at Itunes or you can download it from here.



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