Dirty Projectors: experimental music doesn't always mean weird music

David Longstreth is quite a character. His bandmates agree among them when it comes to describe him as obsessive, prolific, and inspiring: attributes that make him one of the most interesting musicians of Brooklyn nowadays. David has a band called Dirty Projectors. They have edited Bitte orca (2009), in my opinion, the best experimental album of 2009. It's melodic, artsy and beautiful. Its music is hard to catch, it has rhythm twists and unexpected vocal melodies. This music sounds abstract because that's how it was born. That wasn't David's ambition, it's just how it was meant to be. When you have no fear of taking risks, you have the freedom that it takes to make music like this. Listen to Bitte orca and you'll see what I mean...

This is the video for Stillness is the move


eusucre dijo…
"melodic, artsy and beautiful"
esto es que si perfecto para mi!

Voy a tratar de conseguir más!

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