Kings of Convenience: those feelings you don't share

When you manage to create an entire sentimental atmosphere playing songs with nothing but two voices, two acoustic guitars and the ocasional company of another instrument, you have an enormous musical talent. Erik Boe and Erlend Oye, in my opinion, are two of the most talented singer/songwriters nowadays. Earlier this year, they released another remarkable record with their other band, Whitest Boy Alive. And they have yet released another great album called Declaration of Independence under their side project Kings of Convenience. Kindhearted lyrics, sweet vocal harmonies and delightful guitar arrangements makes each song become into an engaging tale. It took me just one listen to Declaration of Independence to realize I was about to enjoy a masterpiece. And after listening to it for a while, I can now assure you I wasn't mistaken. The greatest thing about these songs is that, even though they sound melancholic and nostalgic, you don't get to feel down or sad after you listen to them. They rather seem to encourage you to keep on dreaming on that long-awaited company. In the meantime, this album, as its name implies, was meant to listen to on your own.

This is the video for Boat behind


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