Band of Horses: in this ride, it doesn't matter where you're heading to

It's been said that life is a journey. You meet a lot of people on the way, you meet a lot of places on the way. You may even live many lives on the way. The idea of life as a journey enchants me because of its dynamic essence. Listening to Band of Horses' Infinite arms (2010) is like driving a car without having a concrete destination in your mind. Traveling is moving, and moving is changing. This record talks about going away from home and coming back, it talks about falling in and out of love, it talks about dreaming and waking up. But, first and foremost, it talks about moving on -even if we don't want to. So listen to this beautiful music, and surrender yourself to this amazing trip. Start your engine, open the window and play it. Go along with the music and its pace and let the road take you. And if you wish to look back, make sure to do it just to see where the wind have taken those pieces of paper with your feelings written on them.

This is the video for Laredo


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