Four Tet: this is how the lovely side of you sounds like

Describing experimental electronic music records is something that I've always found difficult. And it's even a tougher challenge when it comes down to write about an album you've actually loved. Four Tet is one of the pioneers of folktronica -folk guitars over electronic music samples. There is love in you (2010), his latest record, seems to summarize pretty well what this artist has developed over his career. There's minimalism, jazzy drums, funky guitars and a great amount of sound manipulation. One of the best Four Tet's attributes is his ability of re-interpretation -creating new and unique sounds from already existing pieces of music. There is love in you is an album meant to be listened to by its entirety. It has a charming narrative to it that invites you to imagine. Listening to this album will bring out, as its title implies, that lovely part of you.

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