Moby: playing art's inner call

After watching a lecture given by David Lynch, in which he stated that creativity is intrinsically beautiful, and that it should be focused on pleasing the creator rather than accommodating the market, Moby decided to make music with the sole purpose of pleasing himself. He then embarked on making music he thought of as beautiful. And his approach was particularly old-school DIY: he wrote the music in his home studio, called some of his close friends to record the vocals, draw the cover himself with just a Sharpie and white sheet, and recorded the master tracks of the album on tape. Wait for me (2009) is beautiful music indeed. It's introspective, melancholic, warm. Wait for me is quite a testament of when an artist decides to walk away from the commercial path and engages truthfully to his principles of making honest art.

This is the video for Shot in the back of the head (directed by David Lynch)


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