Gorillaz: a troupe of modernity militants

I've always been amazed by multimedia act Gorillaz. They manage to embody what classical music in the Renaissance period did: musical pieces ceased to be just musical -they also brought many other elements in. Let's just say Gorillaz has taken a more modern approach, since their band members are not just characters from a certain story, they are characters from a cartoon. And when a project of that kind is being leaded by curious auteur Damon Albarn, the results are groundbreaking indeed. On Plastic Beach (2009), their third effort, Albarn and his ensemble have crafted beautiful songs. The collaborations also bring a great amount of allure to the tracks, and everyone involved plays his role magnificently -just listen to Lou Reed's part on Some kind of nature, Mos Def and Bobby Womack's contributions on Stylo and Little Dragon's take on the delicate Empire ants. Innovative, playful and creative are all adjectives that could summarize what Gorillaz has accomplished with their latest record, but they all fail to do it justice. I'll be happy if you just trust me, and go listen to this gem of modernity.

This is the video for Stylo


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