Arcade Fire: delivering another explanation on why they stand apart

According to scientists, the human brain, when perceiving any type of art, cherishes the amount of work invested on its pieces -which is what would probably explain why we don't like way-too-simple paintings. Music is no stranger to that statement. When I analyze certain music pieces that I love, I recognize enormous amount of work put into it indeed. That been said, I love The suburbs (2010) -Arcade Fire's most recent delivery. This band has appealed listeners around the world with their complex and genuinely touching indie rock. Their tunes are sophisticated, yet heartfelt. The intensity contained in their music could rely on the structure of their songs: they begin by displaying certain type of naïveté, and they end in absolute ecstasy, offering a delightful magic in between. If you listen to The suburbs, you'll definitely find hard work and, above all, passion serving as the authentic foundation of it all.

This is the video for Ready to start


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