Spoon: this is the groove of indie

Indie rock has never been considered a rhythm oriented genre. The good thing about indie rock, though, is that it's certainly a more-than-one trick pony. If you listen to Transference (2010), the seventh release from indie rock's established act Spoon, you'll have a good sense of how rhythm induces even more richness to an already remarkable collection of songs. Rather than just tunes, Spoon has written hypnotic grooves. And they're so good that they're almost trance-inducing, believe me. The fact that this is the first album self-produced by the band says a lot about how much their sound have been enhanced. You can also recognize certain artistic freedom translated in some experimentation on the songs' structure, the recording techniques they have employed and their weird yet awesome arrangements. Transference is a also a "smart" record. It has soul but it has also certain intellectuality that seduces the listener. Indie rock has never sounded so irresistible.

This is the video for Written in reverse


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