Mark Ronson: a piece of good taste

I couldn't think of a better word to describe Mark Ronson's musical personality than 'versatile'. Celebrity Dj, producer and music conaisseur have been the terms used by the media to portray him. Nonetheless, Ronson has now embarked himself on becoming a songwriter with the release of Record collection (2010) -his sophomore album as a solo artist. Ronson has produced tracks for artists like Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, Adele, Amy Winehouse and, most recently, Duran Duran. He has admitted that, after working with the legendary British act, he became obsessed with synthesizers and their sound aesthetics. If you listen to Bang bang bang, the first track on the album, you'll definitely tell the influence. Unlike Version (2007), his opera prima, where Ronson arranged and produced covers à la old-school soul, Record moves forward and goes modern -and original. For this album, Ronson has written original tunes (and also sings) with the aid of his many collaborators including Boy George, Q-Tip, Ghostface Killah and D'Angelo. Record collection is catchy, poppy, dancey, and somewhat sophisticated. This is the type of album producers make -detail oriented, strong focus on structure and arrangements and with an evident intention of delivering good songs. Record collection is not just a fun album; it also embodies a very good promise of what Ronson may offer us soon.

This is the video for Bang bang bang featuring MNDR and Q-Tip


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