Oneohtrix Point Never: scoring a dirty environment

I love listening to weird music. But “weird” in the sense of being made out of a genuine creative impulse, not “weird” just because of trying to sound “experimental”. That been said, electronic music seems to be one of the most fertile fields where experimental undertakings grow healthy. With the aide of such a great amount of available technological tools, a lot of musicians have been able to make music using just their laptops –“laptop music” has already become some sort of a term to describe that type of music as a matter of fact. However, just a few artists have proved to be talented and hard working enough to deliver significant material. Oneohtrix Point Never is one of those musicians that belong to that elite. On Returnal (2010), his latest effort, Daniel Lepatin has made a delightful work of “ambient noise” –synth-oriented music filled with rare sounds, made with the purpose of taking you on a journey to places you’ve never thought of before. His music might be challenging to listen to at first indeed, but once you pay a good amount of attention and lose yourself to his offer, you’ll certainly enjoy this great weird music. Give yourself a treat, get out that listening comfort zone and listen to this unusual yet beautiful music.

Listen to this remix of Returnal featuring Antony Hegarty


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