Sufjan Stevens: musique extraordinaire

Sufjan Stevens belongs to that rare and exclusive type of musicians that even musicians themselves look up to. Yes, he's that good. He's known for embarking on sophisticated musical endeavors, but it'd be inaccurate to say his work is ambitious. He just seems to have a remarkable talent to pull all of that grandeur off present in his records. For his latest record, Age of adz (2010), he has written a magnificent score for synths. His previous efforts were more acoustic driven; yet his turn to the electronic field proves to stay magnificent. The way he arranges his vocal and instrumental harmonies, definitively one of his strongest skills, shines throughout the entire album. Sufjan Stevens writes, plays and sings beautiful music. Age of adz is a modern music masterpiece. Please, take a listen to this music and allow it to embellish your life.

Listen to I walked


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