Emeralds: an internal journey with no destination

Ambient/experimental/drone trio Emeralds is certainly a dynamic troupe. Over the last four years, they have put out more than 40 records, each of them different in its own way. Throughout their short yet intense career, they've changed their equipment quite often, but they've also changed the overall tone of their records, treating each one of them with new and untested aesthetics. They've been known in the scene for jamming a lot, and for recording their jams. This sense of urgency is magnificently captured in Does look it like I'm here? (2010). In this album, manipulated waves from synthesizers collide with guitar arpeggios creating a mesmerizing musical landscape. This image is voluminous, flexible; some times clear, other times confusing. More than plain music, this is like a work of sound art that first seduces you, then deceives you and in the end amazes you. The cinematic nature of Emeralds has achieved a good synthesis on this record. If you listen to Does look it like I'm here?, if you listen to it closely, you might get lost within you, but this will feel so great you'll just want to remain for a while without any sense of certainty.

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