Pains of being pure at heart: when being romantic hurts

Pains of being pure heart's songs can be taken as hymns to innocence. This special type naïveté can never be forced, because when you listen to their music you feel it coming from a genuine source. On Belong (2011), the band's first LP, the overall tone is that of a sweet melancholy -the lyrics can be sad but the sound is rather joyful. From being a lo-fi, even timid "group of friends that got together to make music" in their debut EP, Pains of being pure heart has now become a more refined and ambitious "consolidated band". They have not gone mainstream as lots of people assure -they just have gone from indie to alternative. The turn does not only rest in terms of genre, it's also about a matter of attitude. Pains of being pure at heart consciously acknowledge and embrace their influences in the pursuit of their own voice. It's true: they may sound like a lot of other groups, they may write corny tunes and they even may sound antiquated, but if you listen to the beautiful music they have written for Belong, nothing of that sounds like a bad thing.

This is the video for Heart in your heartbreak


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