domingo, diciembre 11, 2011

Drake: taking care of hip-hop

Artistically speaking, hip-hop has always been an underestimated genre. Commercial success seems to be its main goal, truth be told. Nonetheless there are some hip-hop artists willing to explore new grounds within this type of music. In doing it, some of them have managed to deliver well-crafted music, like Drake. On Take care (2011), his latest album, the Canadian singer/rapper makes a bold choice by writing fresh, interesting and -one might even add- experimental songs with great support from his producer and creative partner Noah “40” Shebib. Its innovative piano-oriented beats act as the foundation on which Drake sings and raps in a bewildering way. While surely also pleasing more conservative hip-hop enthusiasts, Take care is a fine work of art and it proofs that risk taking, along with talent, often pays its rewards. With the aid of artists like Drake, hip-hop can justly reclaim its status as one of the most important genres in the contemporary music scene.

This is the video for Marvin’s room

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