St. Vincent: the charm of confidence

Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent is arguably the most interesting female singer/songwriter nowadays. She is not just an accomplished guitar player and proficient composer, she has also shown a remarkable talent when it comes to undertake audacious and mesmerizing artistic pursuits. If Actor (2009) propelled her as one the most innovative artists within the indie rock scene, then Strange mercy (2011) takes her to the level of a well-deserved consolidation. This new collection of songs acts as an astounding testimony of her artistic evolution. Actor was a great record indeed, but it was somewhat difficult to hear. Strange mercy, in contrast, while remaining inventive, comes out more accessible. One can’t help but explain this result in terms of the maturity of her craft. In a way, she sounds more confident and, therefore, her music has ended up being even more endearing. With her third record as a solo artist, St. Vincent seems to go in the right track to greatness. In the meantime, with music like this, our delight is not only a promise –it’s also a warranty.

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