Jack White: taking advantage of freedom

During the last couple of years Jack White got divorced from his wife, model/singer Karen Elson, and announced the end of The White Stripes –the group that made him one of the most remarkable rock musicians of our times. Not in vain, White’s first solo effort, Blunderbuss (2012), has been often referred to in the media as a “break-up album”. Nonetheless, these last two years has also been creatively hectic for White –he has produced countless singles and records and he has also been a constant presence in the indie music blogs. Blunderbuss is a good record, but not a very good one. What makes this album interesting to listen to, though, is its sound. Many admirers of his previous music, including me, were curious in finding out what would his own music (with no other project attached) sound like. His first album as a solo artist keeps being fresh, bold and inventive, but at the same time it ends up being a little bit predictable, which didn’t particularly make me glad to encounter. That been said, Blunderbuss sounds very standard-like. However, it is always delightful to hear any new material made by White. It is always rewarding to listen to an artist getting inspired by this particular form of liberty.

This is a live performance of Freedom at 21


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