Santigold: a tale of refined artistry

Santigold hates labels; she prefers to think of her music as a collage of genres.
Master of my make-believe (2012), her sophomore record, is a good example of what she aims to accomplish with her work. This new collection of songs excels at creating a delightful ambience in which different types of sounds merge into a cohesive discourse. When I listen to her great songs, it seems to me as if trying to describe her music has no sense at all since her ability lies in the way that she seamlessly assembles a myriad of several genres into one that grabs your attention and pleases your ears. It is really hard not to fall into her irresistible groove. This music doesn’t make you dance, it dances within you. Master of my make-believe is a remarkable anthology of rhythm and catchy hooks. You may wonder why did Santigold take almost four years to make this record. Well, you can only figure it out after experiencing this exquisite work of art.


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