Norah Jones: what doesn’t kill your heart, makes it stronger

Among the music that I have listened to over the last decade, I don’t think there is a voice that touches me as deeply as Norah Jones’. I find a certain delicacy within the melodies she sings that is really hard for me to resist. When I found out Danger Mouse was producing her next record, I was really looking forward to hearing how her vulnerability would match his brand vintage sound. Little broken hearts (2012), doesn’t sound like any other music previously released by Jones. This album is bold by definition: it often goes to unexplored zones and it succeeds -for the most part. This music is mysterious and edgy; it has some dark je ne sais quoi that draws you into the atmosphere created by her audacious lyrics. When you listen to certain songs, you end up having almost no idea of what you just have experienced. I guess it’s a feeling usually associated with heart breaks –you just don’t know how you got to that regretful emotional state. Norah Jones’ voice remains alluring, but time has made it harsher, enigmatic; and yes, even more irresistible.

This is a live performance of Little broken hearts


Rosemarie dijo…
Comparto tu opinion, no es un se parece a ninguno de los trabajos anteriores de Norah, pero es muy bueno, y esa parte oscura que presenta cuando se tiene un broken heart, me encanta. Particularmente la canciòn Miriam.
Buena reseña.

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