Grizzly Bear: focused to greatness

Grizzly Bear makes challenging music. (And I mean this in a good way –in the best, actually.) It took me more than a year to finally grasp the magnificent music they made on Veckatimest (2009). The superficial beauty of their songs initially appealed to me, but getting a deeper comprehension of the sophisticated nature of their work proved to be a harder task. However, on their latest record Shields (2012), the band has made a surprising choice: they are now turning away from complexity and decided to go the other way, delivering in the end a marvelous work of art. These new tunes convey precision and focus, the vocal harmonies remain alluring despite (or because) of its austerity and the general tone of the record is a concise delight. Though simple in its appearance, the approach they have now made on songwriting is eloquent of the proficiency they have managed to obtain as one of the most remarkable acts in indie rock nowadays. Grizzly Bear may have taken a different route in their artistic quest, but it has led them to musical greatness nonetheless. I really hope I have made my point here: Shields is, without a doubt, the best record I have listened to this year.

This is the video for Yet again


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