Robert Glasper Experiment: this is musical success being tested

Robert Glasper is one of the most remarkable musicians when it comes to materializing the strong and close relationship jazz has with other more contemporary genres. It has been said that, in order to break boundaries, you first need to pay respect to tradition. And Robert Glasper has done just that by offering a series of strong albums that go from straight jazz to more adventurous works like Black radio (2012), his most recent effort. This album comes as a natural sequel to what he started with Double booked (2009), where he divided his discourse into its two main parts: traditional jazz and his electric experiment. Robert Glasper Experiment is an outstanding act that sounds as a modern tribute to black music. Along with a group of prestigious singers and rappers, Robert Glasper Experiment has crafted a notable compilation of tunes that stands as a very reliable and vivid picture of the great moment black music is having nowadays.

This is a live performance of
Always shine featuring Bilal and Lupe Fiasco


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