Vampire Weekend: when seriousness gets charming

Vampire Weekend is one of the most remarkable acts within the indie scene. Their sound includes African rhythms, frantic guitar riffs and original vocal harmonies. The music they make holds an irresistible playful spirit. On their most recent album, Modern vampires of the city (2013), the tone is decidedly more serious, reflective and even a little bit darker. The sound palette they handle on this amazing collection of songs is even wider, which imbues an impressive richness to their already inventive catalog. The piano also plays a pivotal role in this production –it adds joy, introspection and a small portion of melancholy. Modern vampires of the city is an alluring record because of its warmth, creativity and thoughtfulness. Vampire Weekend’s growth is definitely noteworthy and delightful –it’s just like being witness to genius.

This is the video for Diane young


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