Wale: hungry for success

Wale had been considered for a long time as one of the most underrated rappers. His talent just didn’t seem to flourish on his first two albums, but now it has all changed with The gifted (2013), his most recent effort. This record finally comes out as a fair testament to what hip-hop fans have been expecting from this emerging hip-hop artist. This is a superb album: it has great beats, great guests and, above all, great lyrics. The gifted definitely stands out, without a doubt, as the best album Wale has put out. This is music that sounds as the register of great ambitions meeting hard work. The tracks are very well crafted and the overall structure of the album is certainly impressive. This is the album that finally propels Wale as one of the most remarkable rappers in the game. The gifted is definitely one of the best hip-hop albums I have listened to this year.

This is the video for LoveHate thing


Púrpura dijo…
¡Me encantó la canción! (ya la repetí como 5 veces). Gracias por pasarnos estas joyas para ampliar nuestro bagaje musical. saludos desde México :)

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