Drake: a tale of endearing vulnerability

Drake’s artistic growth throughout his last two albums has been nothing but impressive. He’s just fearless when it comes to displaying his emotions on top of well-crafted beats and irresistible hooks. It doesn’t even matter if you love him or hate him –his music will surely make an impact on you. Nothing was the same (2013) is an outstanding piece of music. It is more ambitious than its predecessor and much more cohesive. The songs are very well crafted and the marriage between Drake’s verses and 40’s atmospheric and delicately produced tracks has never sounded better. Nothing was the same could be fairly described as a landmark within Drake’s young career. This is definitely one of the best albums I have listened to this year. Hip-hop has rarely been associated with emotions, but Drake has managed to achieve just that –a heartfelt musical manifesto of vulnerability.  

This is the video for Started from the bottom


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