Lo-Fang: wandering around the tonalities of melancholy

Matthew Hemerlein, aka Lo-Fang, is a hugely talented musician. Not only does he play several instruments, but he also writes and sings skillfully.
Blue film (2014), his first solo album, is a collection of highly stylized, painstakingly crafted and superbly produced tunes. His arrangements are impeccable, and they manage to imbue the songs delicate atmospheres that propel the sentiments its lyrics carry. Blue film is an astonishing material –it makes you go back to it, and it encourages you to discover its precious gems. It doesn’t sound like a debut at all, it comes instead off as a work made by an experienced artist. This is the main surprise of the album: it is so well done you are left wondering how Hemerlein was able to pull this off. You may not get any answer after you listen to his music, but you certainly end up enchanted by it. 

This is the video for Look away


Loly. dijo…
Gracias por la recomendación!!
El disco está increíble.
Mi favorita es #88.

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