Nicola Conte: the ritual of making exquisite music

Nicola Conte is one of the most important names in worldwide acid jazz. Dj, producer and leader of Colectivo de Fez, Conte, releases in 2001 Bossa per due, a genuine classic of electronic music. Later on, this italian musician continued releasing great albums and touring all over the United States, Europe and Japan –his most beloved audience. In 2008, he releases Rituals, a great catalog of songs arranged in an exquisite acid jazz. For this album, he invites a group of outstanding singers of the nu-jazz scene, such as José James, Alice Ricciardi, Philipp Weiss and Kim Sanders. Each vocalist adds his own delicate touch to the tracks in which they feature. The final result: a record that delivers a delightful musical texture.

Here is the video for Like leaves in the wind featuring José James


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