The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band: 8 Dj's turned musicians

When you're handclapping, you're having a good time. Period. So when a band calls itself The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band, then you should have a good idea of what they sound like. The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band is a collective of 8 Brooklyn-based Dj's that got together to make "real" music. They traded their turntables for instruments and recorded The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band -their opera prima. The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band mixes, like in a Dj set, funk, house, hip-hop, rock & electro. But they haven't just written tracks, they even have dared to write actual songs. Just don't take their lyrics too seriously -they don't intend you to do that. Just listen to this music to have fun. They just want you to have fun. And you will if you listen to their music. Just remember to clap.

This is the video for 15 to 20


Astrina dijo…
excelente recomendacion!!!!
Mahe dijo…
Oh yeah!!! :) Nice
eusucre dijo…
esta canción y este video rockean demasiado!!!
tengo el blog super abandonado so i´ll "reblog you" jajaja besos!
Toto dijo…
el video es BRUTAL!

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