Wax Tailor: un cello, une chanteuse et beaucoup de l'old-school

Hip-hop will always find innovative forms of expressions. One could say that it's part of every genre's natural re-invention or what a lot of people like to call music evolution. You can actually listen to a new hip-hop language in the French act Wax Tailor. In its most recent album, In the mood for life (2009), you will find lots of old school samples, organic beats, featured rappers, and a remarkable portion of trip-hop made of a perfect combination of cello, a female voice and a dark and hypnotic mood. This well crafted proposal has included Wax Tailor in that elite of French bands that have been equally embraced with notorious warmth by American and European audiences. In the mood for life represents an authentic highlight of what has happened in hip-hop in 2009.

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