Lightspeed Champion: another ambassador of vintage pop

Music lovers should be grateful for artists like Lightspeed Champion. It's because of musicians like him, that we've all been enjoying a delightful comeback of pop. Vintage pop, to be more accurate. Someone described Lightspeed Champion's sound on his most recent album Life is sweet! Nice to know you (2010), as 'baroque pop'. And if you listen to this record, you couldn't agree more with that. What stroked me the most about his music was precisely his sense of sophistication. Even when this could be tricky, since you may take the risk of delivering an over-arranged production, the task has been handled astonishingly. His strength relies on the detail. You can tell just by listening to any song that there was a great amount of work on this record. And your ears will appreciate that, indeed. Life is sweet! Nice to know you is a peculiar, interesting and certainly baffling album.

This is the video for Marlene


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