Masseratti2lts: playing colored dreams

Masseratti2lts is a venezuelan electronic music duo made up by Fernando and Armando Gómez. Their music has been described by themselves as "electronic poetry", since most of their pieces includes poems recorded by venezuelan TV and radio personalities over chill-out, down-tempo and house tracks. Colores de ideas 7 (2010), their latest record, is, in my opinion, their best record of their already impressive catalog. The music they have managed to create says a lot of their growth and maturity in terms of the arrangements and the handle of their numerous and complex sound layers. This album also delivers a contagious up-lifting vibe. Listening to Colores de ideas 7 is quite an inspiring experience. Since 2002, the Gomez brothers have developed a prolific, diverse and always interesting music career. This album is another celebration of their talent, perseverance and mastery of that art of making us dream, fall in love and dance with their music.


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