Oneohtrix Point Never: a coherent experiment

When people write or talk about experimental music, they often refer to it as a chaotic, somewhat aimless, artistic pursuit. And even when a lot of mediocre attempts have been created, there are also many musicians that take experimentation very seriously. Take Oneohtrix Point Never, for example, an artist that has devoted himself to craft complex musical landscapes employing sonorities made out by machines. And he’s been quite successful at it –records like Rifts (2009) and Returnal (2010) have received critical appraisal. On Replica (2011), Daniel Lopatin continues to offer more of his particular and coherent voice through an interesting collection of tracks. Oneohtrix Point Never has even been able to become more precise in terms of what his music is trying to convey. In that sense, Replica works better than its predecessor, which says a lot of his growth as an artist. Replica proofs that a sonic experiment, when taken seriously, can result into a masterful assembly of dirty textures longing to make sense.

This is the video for Replica


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