Garnica: an electronic delight

Mérida is one of the most fertile regions of Venezuela for creative human beings. A lot of talented filmmakers, actors, plastic artists and musicians have been born there. One good example of that is represented by the electronic music collective Los Andes Electrónicos. A former member of that group, Rafael López Garnica a.k.a. Garnica, recently edited Cae nieve en Caracas (2009). A lot of tracks under his name have appeared on several compilations and EP's, but Cae nieve en Caracas is his first opportunity to show how an entire album would sound with all of his tracks on it. This challenge -because an opera prima is always a challenge- has been brilliantly succeeded. This album sounds like exquisite electronica. It's a great record because, among other things, it's remarkably coherent. And coherency, more than an attribute, is a strict rule that has to be respected if you want to deliver a solid artwork. Cae nieve en Caracas is a genuine proof of what I'm talking about.


Extranjera dijo…
Quiero escucharlo. Tienes absolutamente razon Merida es un lugar de creativos. Por que sera? Por cierto, por que escribes en ingles? Lo haces muy bien solo que me da curiosidad. Abrazos
Anónimo dijo…
LAE son los mejores, los amo. También amo Mérida, es demasiado bohemia jejeje

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