Miguel Molina: a designer of geographic sounds

Miguel Molina says he's making "fresh 90% organic music from southamerica & the caribbean" right on the cover of his first album as a solo artist: dub lao (2009). After you listen to it, you can almost assure that the 10% missing is represented by electronic music. The greatest thing about this record is that you couldn't tell where the beats start and when the tropical music pops in. This talented multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, has achieved this seamlessly: dub lao, more than a mixture album, is quite an entity. And it's an extraordinary one, indeed. Folkloric music has gotten a special appeal nowadays where a lot of electronic music sounds pretty much like the same thing. Molina bets on the sounds of the culture of our Latin America. And if you want to find out if he finishes by winning that bet, why don't you listen to this great record? For me, his victory is quite obvious.


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