She&Him: when a beautiful singer sings beautiful

Someone had already told me that Zooey Deschanel was a terrific singer. I said to myself: not only she's a beautiful and a good actress, but she can also sing? I had to listen to her music before I could make any judgement -the same thing happened when I knew Scarlett Johansson had edited a CD and I have to say that I wasn't quiet happy with the result. It turns out that Zooey had written a dozen of songs, but kept 'em like a hidden treasure. After she recorded a duet with M. Ward, she recorded those twelve songs and sent him the demo tapes. Ward arranged those songs, re-recorded them and that's how She&Him was born. Volume One (2008), their first record, was a huge success among the indie scene. She&Him is, in a few words, lovely music sang by a lovely woman.

This is the video for Why do you let me stay here?


Vanesa dijo…
Isn't she lovely??...she has a very sweet voice...and what about her stunning eyes!!It seems like their piercing you!! Like the song..and the post.:)
Ani Sosa dijo…
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Ani Sosa dijo…
esta simpática la canción! A mi ella me parece que es idéntica (su físico) a esta Katy Perry.. dont you agree?

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